Character Matters, A Few of My Favorite Resources


One of the best ways to teach character is to surround your children with good literature. Simply put, read to your kids. When you read to your children, it opens the door for conversations to ensue. Stories have the ability to teach, motivate and inspire our children to dream bigger.

There are so many wonderful books that can help teach our children about love, honor, respect, care, etc.

Below are numerous resources regarding character traits that have somehow benefited my family. Please know that while I have enjoyed these resources I do not necessarily agree with ALL content presented. 

Whole Heart Ministries I am little bias, as I adore WHM. Sally has been my mentor from afar since 1997. Today she is my real life friend 😉 My husband and I serve on the board of WHM and highly recommend their resources. Start with Our Family’s 24 Ways, which is a great devotional for teaching character to children of all ages.
Character First This is one of my family’s favorite resources especially as my girls began school.
  • The If-Then Chart
  • The Blessing Chart
  • The Go To The Ant Chart – understanding diligences and laziness.
  • The Brother Offender Chart – teaching children conflict resolution in a Godly way.
  • Be sure to check out the package deals
Character in Action I have not personally used this but I did look it over and it seems to have great content.
Family Life Today Encouragement and practical help for you personally, for your marriage, and raising your parenting. So many great articles and resources.
Family Matters I highly recommend Raising Kids For True Greatness and Home Grown Kids.
Focus on the Family
  • Kids of Integrity tools for growing Godly character. This is so good!
  • Kids Clubhouse
  • Adventures in Odyssey
  • Lots of wonderful family resources. Catch their daily message via the Internet.
Generation Virtue Generations of Virtue, is a non-profit ministry staffed by full-time volunteers. They sell resources to empower parents to continue the purity training in their own homes. If you desire to bring up pure kids they need to be taught character.
Lamplighter Publishing The mission of Lamplighter Ministries is “to make ready a people prepared for the Lord, by building Christ-like character one story at a time.” This is a wonderful resource for parents on Character Development born out of 25 years of research and personal experience. They carry many old and rare books highlighting various character traits.
Character Education Character education books can definitely add a powerful kick to your character education lessons — either as a fun supplement to use with formal character education programs or as lesson-building materials for teachers creating their own compelling character education curriculum.

Other Misc. books and resource titles I’ve enjoyed. I usually shop at CBDAmazon, and Half Price Books. Keep a list of resources you desire as you can find really good deals at Goodwill, yard sales, home school used book sales, etc…

Resource list

Biographies and books about Christian hero’s.

Reading about hero’s and life changers who have gone before us is a great way to ignite character in children.

Help me add to my list;  I’d love to hear some of your favorite books and resources for teaching character. Coming soon, Five Easy Ways to Instill Character Because It Matters.