Irvine, CA MomHeart Conference, What I learned

I have no idea how the Clarkson’s do 3-4 conferences each year and to think they have been doing these conferences for over 15 years.  Wow! I have a greater appreciation for this life giving ministry especially as I have begun to serve alongside them.

Seriously I am still recovering from the Irvine, CA MomHeart Conference.  It’s a lot of work pulling off a conference for 600+ women.  There will always be hiccups; registrations not found, temperature to hot/cold, issues with sounds, etc…  I learned to have grace knowing that so much thought and pray goes into each event.

California was an incredibly fun event.  There were over 600 registered and thankfully I can say registration went smoothly other than my brain not being able to do simple math because of exhaustion.  I learned to laugh at myself as I’m not perfect.

I love the energy of women who come to these conference to be filled and I smile each time I think back to some of the sweet encounters I had praying and encouraging discouraged moms.  I learned that we all want to be known, a simple smile, hug, or sitting to pray with someone makes a huge difference.

I was blessed to work with such a great group of gals who pour so selflessly into this ministry.  I learned that doing fun things with those you work with makes for deeper and more meaningful relationships.

I posted more photos I took on Facebook

I’m looking forward to the upcoming Irving, TX conference next weekend.  Hopefully by then I will be fully rested 😉 and ready to learn more.


A few of the many wonderful volunteers who make these conferences possible.

A few of the many wonderful volunteers who make these conferences possible.


5-4-3-2-1 Launch! Desperate, Hope for Moms


I’m very excited about the launch of this incredible book by my mentor and dear friend, Sally Clarkson and Sarah Mae. If you’re feeling weary, needing hope and encouragement it’s now available in one easy to read book.

Available 1/7/13 online at CBD, Dayspring, or ask for it at your local bookstore.

Be part of the movement, “NO more desperate moms.” Together we are stronger.

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