Accidents Happen

If you have been alive for any amount of time, you know that accidents happen.  Accidents can be big or small.  Thankfully today’s crash, while an inconvenience, it was only minor.

The rain from last night and this morning have created slicker than normal roads.   While sitting first in line at a stoplight, Jon heard the squealing of wheels from behind and begins to run the red light to miss the unpreventable crash of metal against metal.  The jarring of an impact alerted me that we had were rear-ended.  Recently we have had several fender benders as drivers seem to be less cautious, more hurried, and preoccupied.  The first day of school I was side swiped by two different cars while I was sitting in my car at the school waiting to pick up Cayley.

Today I am thankful for a simple fender bender that is easily repairable.  I am thankful that the driver stopped and had insurance.  Often I take for granted that I have a car to drive, so I am thankful for the provision of a car.  How about you, what are you thankful for?