Factoids About Me as I Prepare for Declare


Oh I do Declare there is much excitement in the air. Last year I attended the Declare Conference in Dallas, TX.  This event greatly impacted my understanding, knowledge, and blogging direction.  I am thrilled to be returning in a few short days as it will be a sweet reunion with dear friends I’ve made through the blogging community.  I always welcome making new friends 😉  Yep! I’m am a lover of people, AKA, extrovert.

Below are a few other factoids about me as I introduce myself and I prepare to meet new participants at Declare 2014.


  1. I’m a Texan girl.  Howdy y’all!  I was born in Amarillo and have lived in Austin since 1991. I’ve also lived in Germany, Louisiana, Arizona, California, and Virginia.
  2. I’m counting down the days to being married 30 years to Jon.  We have three daughters: Caryn is 25 and lives in Detroit, MI; Courtney is 23 and lives in La Jolla, CA; Cayley is 13 and lives with us 😉 Parenting a decade later is a lot more challenging because of social media.
  3. I passed out during our wedding ceremony only to be caught by my dear husband. The videographer stopped recording so that moment was not captured.
  4. My husband and I accepted Christ together after being married for two years, which completely turned our lives around. Praise Jesus!

My Beautiful Family


  1. I’m a little ADD making it hard to sit still and doing only one thing at a time thus I have lots of projects in various stages of completion.
  2. I’m also somewhat OCD as I can’t work, write, or focus if things around me are messy.  Benefit: I keep a clean house.
  3. I am most expressive with a camera and enjoy capturing moments. I’m obsessed with taking photos of milk art, sunsets, flowers and those I love.
  4. I like to gather information and share it with others, hence blogging.

Just a few of my many #milkart photos


  1. Writing and blogging is a love/hate relationship depending on the day.
  2. On Christmas 2007, my first blog entry read,  “I surprised Cherie this Christmas with her very own blogsite that she can use to share her insights and the wisdom God has given her along the way. -jon”  My hubby is the best.
  3. Because I tend to be a perfectionist, writing/blogging can be consuming. According to my husband, I write like I speak plus it doesn’t help that I am somewhat dyslexic.
  4. I am still trying to figure out the blogging and writing world but I enjoy the opportunity that it has given me to encourage, inspire, and motivate others.


  1. Spending time together with my family. We truly love each other and this makes me happy.
  2. I enjoy traveling the world and making memories.  I especially appreciate seeing God’s creation.
  3. My relationships with others. I appreciate how my life can encourage others through loving them well.
  4. LIFE, which is incredibly beautiful!


14 thoughts on “Factoids About Me as I Prepare for Declare

  1. Erin Gross says:

    Wow! I found you through Pinterest, and imagine my great pleasure of finding out you are from Amarillo, too! AND live in Austin (where I used to live for 8 years.) So fun! I am now a resident of Colorado for the past 11 years, and only make it back to the great state a couple of times a year. Hope your time at the Declare conference was a blessing. Looking forward to reading more on your blog!

  2. Simply Beth says:

    Loving this linkup and the opportunity to learn a few things about one another before we head to Declare. My husband and I accepted Christ together too. We were baptized together last summer. 🙂 I’m also a parent of older children. Oh my… just noticed I’m almost repeating what you commented on my post. lol. Maybe that’s an indication that we will surely meet. 🙂 I enjoyed your post. Safe travel to you.

  3. Lea says:

    So nice to meet you Cherie and my hubby would not have known how on earth to set up a blog. How neat that your husband set yours up for you.

    This will be my first blogging conference and I am so excited and looking forward to meeting everyone.

    Safe travels and hope to see you there!

  4. cheriewerner says:


    Where did you attend school? My daughter does campus ministry on the campus of UCSD. Indeed La Jolla is beautiful.

    Yes I plan to be intentional and meet many new bloggers.

  5. Lynnae McCoy says:

    Your daughter lives in LaJolla? I went to school there. Beautiful place!

    It’s so cool that you and your husband accepted Christ together. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary.

    Hope to meet you at Declare next week!

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