My Baby is Twelve

Happy Birthday Cayley, your life is such a gift to us

Cayley is 12

It’s hard to believe that our baby girl is twelve today.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that she entered this world at 4am kicking and screaming?  I can’t imagine life without her as she has certainly added much laughter and excitement to our lives.

Twelve interesting things about Cayley.

  1. She enjoys playing the guitar and has been taking lessons for over two years. She has two acoustic guitars, one with her name engraved on it and a recent gift was an electric guitar. 
  2. Cayley loves to sing and dance. She enjoys music.  I enjoy listening to her sing and am amazed at how quickly she learns the words to so many songs. I have no idea where she gets her moves from.
  3. She’d give anything to see Taylor Swift and like numerous young girls knows most of Taylor’s songs.  She also likes Hunter Hays and possibly Justin Bieber.
  4. Cayley adores her sisters and wishes they lived closer. A phone call from them always brightens her day but FaceTime is the absolute best.
  5. She hates when her dad has to travel as she adores him.  It’s fun to listen to them talk as they have their own language.
  6. Cayley doesn’t like messes and will stop what she is doing if she notices something needs to be cleaned up especially if it’s during school hours 🙂
  7. Tennis is Cayley’s newest interest as of March.
  8. This year she has taken several classes on line which have stretched her.  She enjoys her teaching assistant Sarah who greatly encourages her in so many ways.
  9. Cayley is very excited about being in her first wedding on April 27th.  She is super excited as her sisters will also be in the wedding and that means they will be here in a few weeks.
  10. Cayley may make an excellent nurse as she was very attentive and helpful to her dad and I as we each recovered from our surgeries. I said may as she doesn’t enjoy seeing anyone is pain and the sight of blood makes her stress.
  11. Cayley’s memory is sharp and serves me well in so many ways like when I can’t find my keys or phone, remembering someone’s name, etc…
  12. She enjoys expressing herself and sharing the world as she sees it on Instagram.  Following others and liking their photos alos brings her joy.

I would not be as hip, youthful, computer savvy, tired 🙂 or in the know with the amazing Cayley Elizabeth Werner.  I thank God for her life as it is a blessing to me.