Not My Will but Yours, When He Knows Best

Wow! what a day.  Colossians 3:15  And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body; and be thankful.

My foot surgery was canceled today and rescheduled for tomorrow causing me to rethink my day.  I decided to get a badly needed hair touch up (hahaha) knowing I wouldn’t be able to make my Tuesday appointment due to the change of events. As  I was leaving the salon my doctors office called informing me the doctor had the flu plus an ear infection. Someone once said,  “If you can’t be thankful for what you receive, be thankful for what you escape.”  

My surgery was being postpone till Tuesday 🙁  I asked if the doctor was doing surgery on Monday as it would work best since my wonderful in-laws drove in 2/26  to help me get my footing.  The doctor had a 4 hour surgery scheduled for Monday and couldn’t do another.    So my time was set up for Tuesday afternoon.  Two hours later they call again saying the Monday appointment canceled so they would be moving me to Monday.  Needless to say today has been a roller coaster ride of fluctuating emotions with me trying to stay positive and know all things work together for good.

Some things I can be thankful for. 1) Jon returns home tomorrow at 8pm allowing us to enjoy the weekend together 😉 with my in laws.   2) I have had plenty of opportunities today to pray, practice patiences, trust, extend compassion for my doctor and his office staff, as well as being grateful for all things. 3) There are a few events I can attend this weekend. 4) Jon will be with me on Monday when I have my surgery. 5) My in laws are here. 6) I am able to learning how to use the crutches; 7) more time do read, relax, and do misc. plus 8) I was able to plant these beautiful terrariums which makes me happy.

terrariums I planted

I like what T.D. Jakes said, “That thing that is NOT coming to you may seem good. But either the timing is wrong, or from His position He can see that the future of it is bleak. I have always believed that people who thank God only for delivering them from what happened are just scraping the surface of praise. The real praise comes when you start thanking Him for what could have happened but didn’t because of His swift grace! 

I am humbled and thank you Lord for knowing what is best for me and when.



Continue to SOAK in the 2013 Mom Heart Conference

2013 Mom Heart

The conference is over.  Now comes the real life!  How can you maintain the conference high without letting the mundane of life rob you of wisdom and insight you desire to apply to your life?

For the past 15 years I have fondly referred to MomHeart conferences as my yearly vitamin B12 shot, the wind in my sail that keeps me on course, and recalibrating my GPS (God Parenting Skills).

Sally’s wisdom answers many of the fears and questions I have about my children and my mothering.  Her encouragement is not a formula, but a refocused vision of motherhood with an eternal perspective.  Thus I always leave the conference inspired…not to do more but to be more however I have learned there are a few things I must do between conferences to grow and keep the conference high.

While in California, God gave me a new word picture of a big sponge.  Moms are like a sponge soaking in God’s messages to write on their children’s heart.  Friday and Saturday are packed with inspiring messages. When all is said and done, like a sponge, which can absorb only so much, we return home ready to apply what we learn.

Sponges will also dry out so I encourage you to SOAK.

S become a SUPPORTER   A supporter is one who promotes or is an advocate for a cause.  WHM/MomHeart is a non profit ministry that depends upon faithful friends.  Financial generosity enables them to encourage and equip Christian parents worldwide.  Pray for the Clarkson family and ministry needs. Subscribe to WHM newsletter for updates. As you encounter weary moms share ministry resources (books, online blog community, conferences, etc.)  Plan to attend next years conference with a group of friends.  For years the weekend after Valentines Day has been strategically set aside on our family calendar for me to attend Mom Heart. Who doesn’t enjoy having something to look forward to? Also be part of the movement by promoting the ministry via Facebook, Twitter, and on your personal blog.

O Be sure to visit the ONLINE community where you will find a wealth of accumulated insight at Sally’s personal blog I Take Joy and Mom Heart  Mom Heart is comprised of various moms, many who have been trained and equipped through the WHM Intensive and/or have life experiences to share. Mom Heart was created to inspire and engage your heart with great content that calls you to a high vision for your life as a mother, to create an online community of moms where you can network and interact with others who share your heart, to train you how to easily start and lead your own Mom Heart Group. You will find quality and original materials and resources that will fill your heart and mind with life-changing wisdom and truth.

A  Seek ACCOUNTABILITY.  If you don’t already have an accountability partner or mentor find one.  If you are not mentoring someone begin to do so because as you share with others you’ll find yourself growing exponentially in that area. An accountability partner will keep you on track and moving forward in all aspects of your life. The Bible teaches us to encourage, exhort, pray for and correct one another in love, and in Christ. Accountability partners/mentors can help you stay focused, encourage you when we need strength, and help get you right back on track when we start to stray. I have recently written about the value of mentors.

K   Grow in the given KNOWLEDGE. As you go back through your notes and reflect on what God impressed to you I encourage to write down areas of importance then share with them with your accountability partner, mentor, and/or husband.   Together choose a few areas that you will purpose to grow and being working on them. There is a wealth of information to be found but you must search for it via books, conferences, online, etc… Dennis Waitley  said the following, “The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don’t define them, learn about them, or even seriously consider them as believable or achievable.“ 

It’s with gratitude that I reflect back on the 2013 conference season realizing the sweet friendships God has blessed me with through WHM. I have gone back through my notes and highlighted a few areas of personal growth plus I will be hosting a gathering for Austin area Mom Heart attendees the end of March.

How do you plan to SOAK?  Please let me know.

conference friends




My One Half a Century Tune Up

Pain, pain go away.

no pain

“I will never feel old, be achy and complain. ”  I remember thinking this way when I was younger and naive.  I have to laugh and have a sense of humor as this year it seems I’m getting my one half a century tune up prior to turning the big 50.

I appreciate your prayers and concern in regard to my back which began giving me problems in 2008 and has become more chronic pain for various reason.

BACK UPDATE Previously (1/12, 12/12, and 1/13) I had a required diagnostic test called a medial branch block done.  This is where an injection of local anesthetic is given near the two small nerves that feed the facet joints located at L4, L5, and S1 as this is where my issues are as seen on a MRI.  If dramatic (or greater than 50%) pain relief occurs while the local anesthetic is active (typically several hours), then a diagnosis of facet joint pain can be made as in my case 🙂  They did  a second confirmatory test with desired results making me an ideal candidate for radio frequency ablation (RF).

RF is a relatively safe procedure that provides six to 12 months of pain relief and in some cases even longer.  Heat disrupts a nerve’s ability to conduct painful signals. Nerves regenerate but it takes six to 12 months for this to occur. An insulated needle is placed near the appropriate medial branch nerve and the area is tested. Testing ensures that the needle is far away from the large motor nerves of the spine that are responsible for strength.  So the procedure on Thursday went really well.  They only did the left side which means I am still experiencing pain on my right side which they have to wait two weeks before I can go back. I go back on March 12th to have the right side done at L4, L5, and S1.

Once I heal I will continue with PT and other core strengthening exercises to hopefully help my back.

FOOT SURGERYis scheduled 2/28/13 at 2:30  

left foot before surgery

I have had pain in my left big toe since last November which I assumed was a result of my back issues.  Finally I saw a foot specialist as I was unable to walk for extended time without pain.  The doctor injected my left big toe joint with cortisone on 2/13 providing me with NO relief thus indicating a much serious problem so an MRI was ordered. Well, I have two torn ligaments and an issue with the joint.  Jon and I agreed that surgery is the best option to repair the torn ligaments, joint and fix a mild bunion.  I will finally have hardware as two tiny screws will be used.  How vain am I?  Wearing a foot boot for 4 weeks is as disturbing to me as not be able to walk or do weight bearing exercise.  My focus is what I have to look forward to so I am gearing up for our summer vacation which will require lots of walking and God willing I will be pain free.

I am so thankful for my in laws who will arrive on Tuesday to help me out during the surgery as Jon is in Barcelona, Spain. Surgery is scheduled for Thursday 2/28 at 2:30pm. Jon will get home late Friday.

Hopefully these minor tune ups will allow me to be active and ready for my upcoming 50, half century mark.