2011 Year End Greetings

Jon @jonw

What a blessing it has been to have our family together under one roof for the Christmas Holidays! I continue to enjoy working at adidas and the freedom to think up new ideas. To sum up 2011 I would have to say: I. Drove. A. Lot. Cherie has summarized the details in her section plus I’ve run out of room to add anything else J

Cherie cherie@thewerners.org http://thewerners.org/ (I hope to blog monthly in 2012)

2011 – WOW! Where did the year go, seriously?  This month has found me in my “mom “ element soaking up precious time with all 3 girls.  Courtney has filled the home with beautiful music playing the piano. Cayley has enjoyed every moment with her sisters.  God willing on 1/10/12, the day after Courtney turns 21, she will head back to San Diego, Caryn will leave for Thailand, and Jon travels to Las Vegas on a business trip.

It is with a full and grateful heart that I reflect on 2011.   Jon said, “ya’all should just go visit my facebook page (http://facebook.com/Cherie.Werner) ” For those not online here are a few highlights:  Jon and I continue to be honored as we participate in premarital counseling and this year we witnessed three beautiful ceremonies.  I’m blessed through my participation with WholeHearted Ministry http://www.wholeheart.org/ so it is always a highlight to attend the mom conference in Jan. and Feb.  Uncle August and Tante Eli from Norway visited us in March along with Jon’s parents.  Cayley turned 10 on April 6th and to celebrate, her two grandmothers, Jon and & I surprised her by making her dreams come true at Disney World which was a first for all of us.  Towards the end of April we drove to LA for a Bienvenu family reunion on my side of the family.  Courtney graduated Summa Cum Laude from Grand Canyon University in May J  June 1st Jon & I celebrated 26 years of marriage with my in-laws (51 years).  Jon, Courtney, Cayley & I left Austin on June 9 and drove to Kansas City, Denver, then played for a week in the Grand Tetons & Yellowstone National Parks where I was captivated by God’s incredible handiwork. We arrived in Portland, OR July 1st where Cayley & I vacationed while Jon worked until the end of September. What fun it was to have our older daughters, parents, and friends (the Brandt’s) visit us in Portland. Of course we also took many weekend trips to many surrounding areas (Pacific Coast, Seattle, Bend, etc). Living in Portland was fabulous as we escaped the 3-month heat wave in Austin. It was delightful to get back into our Austin home mid October and then the holidays quickly arrived.  We made a whirlwind trip In November to visit family in LA/TX sharing three different Thanksgivings.  Caryn graduated from UT in December J and then we headed to Waikiki Beach to celebrate and steal time away as a family.  It has been nice to be together this month.  I think we drove well over 7000 miles by car and I’m unsure how many air miles.  With each passing year I am more appreciative of the little things (time together as a family, health, friendships near and far, etc).  On Thursday we attended the touching memorial service of Ben Breedlove, an inspiring and brave young man whose death has made global news.  As Christ came at Christmas to give life to those who believe, Ben died on Christmas and his videos have touched millions of lives reminding them of the precious gift of life they have here on earth as well as the eternal life they can have to look forward to. Here’s his link in case you haven’t seen it.   http://www.youtube.com/user/TotalRandomness512

caryn caryn@thewerners.org http://c2wphotography.com/

my life has been (and always will be) full of adventures. i suppose you can say that is my preferred way of living. 🙂

this year’s adventures included:

-traveling the first 2 weeks of january in india with some of my best friends.

-spending the summer in albania with the romas and gypsies.

-graduating from the university of texas.

-having my first photo exhibit displaying work from my summer with the romas.

-spending Christmas with my fam bam in hawaii

-and now i am getting ready to take a month-long trip to thailand.

life is beautiful and i am having so much fun being alive! since graduating, the number one question i have been asked is “what now!?” maybe i will work with a non-profit or the UN as a photographer overseas or maybe i will just be a coffee barista. haha i have no stinkin’ clue. however, what i DO know is that i will be loving people and loving life wherever God has me–and that is a good enough answer for now. 🙂 i pray 2012 is full of adventure and joy for you and your families! much much loveeeeee!

Courtney courtney@thewerners.org http://courtneywerner.wordpress.com/

This past year I have experienced life in many different places. I spent a couple weeks in India at the beginning of the year, a few months back in Austin after traveling the semester before, some time in Kansas City, Wyoming and Portland with the family, over a month in Pennsylvania with friends, a week in Atlanta helping lead a SCPx (Student Church Planting Experience: http://scpx.org/), a few days in Ohio, and then a couple weeks back in Austin before I moved to San Diego for the remainder of the year in September. In the midst of all of this travel I graduated from Grand Canyon University in June with a degree in Psychology.

Currently I am doing an internship, for lack of a better word, in San Diego through Origins, which is a campus ministry at UCSD. In essence, I am reading a book a week with five others, am learning from the wonderful people that are part of Origins, and am getting more hands on experience in church planting, spiritual family, identity, and evangelism to name a few. I hope to come out of this with a better understanding of what it looks to see the Kingdom lived out in daily life. One of my biggest dreams is to see the Kingdom of Heaven continue to invade earth in every sphere of society. I have seen glimpses of this and long to see even more. It is a beautiful thing to see lives radically transformed by the love of God. Love really is enough.

I wish I could divulge the amazingness of this year n full, but hopefully you got a glimpse of what transpired. Words are not adequate to describe how crazy this year was. All I can say is that I am happy. I love where God has me in this present moment in time. I don’t know what comes next, but I feel content with the unknown, because it will soon greet me with friendly answers and surprises. It always does.


Cayley cayley@thewerners.org

I’ve been dragged all around the United States seeing really cool things I’ll remember forever while Mom tried to sneak in some home schooling. I’ve enjoyed spending time with my big sisters all of December.  I enjoy playing with my American Girl dolls, being a mother’s helper, and am always ready for adventure. I’m learning to play the guitar and piano as well as taking voice lessons, as I really like to sing.  It was fun taking cooking, sewing, and an Apple computer class this summer.  I can’t wait to see what we are going to do in 2012 J