First full week in Portland


We moved into our swanky apartment (per Courtney) a week ago Saturday.  I can not lie it’s pretty sweet being on the 19th floor having floor to ceiling windows. I’ve enjoyed watching the sun set in the evening around 9:30pm as we have a westerly view.  Thank you Adidas for for the opportunity to vacation and escape the Texas summer heat.

Our address is 430 SW 13th Avenue, Portland OR 97205      Below photo is a view from the roof top (23 floor) looking out towards Mt. Hood.


Courtney flew back to PA early Tuesday morning so Cayley and I began a semi school routine where we plan to do school three morning a week followed by afternoon field trips. We joined the OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry).  They currently have on exhibit Narnia, where one can see creatures, genuine artifacts, and costumes from the movie which was nicely done.  Any time you are in a new city there is so much to see and do which we plan to take full advantage of. This week I’ve purchased, “Portland Happy Hour Guidebook,” “Best Places in Portland,” “Out and About with Kids,” “Portland City Walking Tours.”  Yes, I am ready to have fun.  I have also managed to incorporated home economics into our summer as I signed Cayley up for a week long cooking class this month and a sewing class next month.  What excites me most of all is the physical exercise we get almost daily as we walk everywhere given it’s more efficient and I am terrified to drive here.  In fact we are managing to walk 5 miles daily.  My secret?  If Cayley walks 4 miles without complaining she gets a token worth $3 that she can use to do activities she wants i.e. Children’s museum, bike rentals, movies, etc… How do I measure our daily distance?  I use FitBit which keeps track of my distance. My husband & Cayley bought me this for Mothers Day and I have truly enjoyed using it as it is my motivator.

The other cool thing about Portland beside the weather 🙂 as I actually find 60 degrees cold and must always wear a jacket, are the many farmer markets.  One can buy fresh produce, preserves, flowers, etc…  We are literally two blocks from Whole Foods so we walk there to get our groceries also.

Of course there are the many weird things about Portland.  Sadly it has a huge homeless population of old and young alike.  Jon thought he was watching a man in the park do tai chi and then realized after the man fell over and could get up that he was actually wasted. Yesterday we were walking and a young man kept yelling, “I don’t need knowledge, I just want to find my friend.”

We are only a week into our adventure so everything seems so exciting but I do miss home, friends, and familiarity.  It helps to know that Caryn will be arriving noonish on Thursday for two weeks.  Yes, Caryn returns from Albania tomorrow so if you think of her keep her in your prayers.  Having Courtney for two weeks and soon Caryn certainly has been a blessing in so many ways especially for Cayley as she is creating special sister time with each of them individually.

Trusting you will have a Happy 4th of July.