Christmas has come and gone

The anticipation and excitement of Christmas has come and gone. More memories and sweet family time has filled my emotional cup. What I enjoy most about Christmas are the traditions we share as a family.  We open our gifts on Christmas Eve with a twist.  Each time someone opens a gift they share what they appreciate about the giver.  Our sweet Cayley had a stomach bug December 23rd and 24th so we did not attend Christmas Eve service another tradition. We concluded our evening wrapping up our Advent devotion Tabitha’s Travels.

When I look back on Christmas 2010 I will remember the fun dinner we had Christmas day with over 20 people.  We were blessed to share Christmas evening with our immediate family, my in-laws, the Flatlin Band members who recently moved here from Sacramento, CA, the Nellie family plus one, who attend church with us, and we also had several international students who responded to Caryn’s FB post “hello sweet friends! if you are in austin and plan on spending christmas all by your lonesome, please dismiss that idea right now! i have the perfect solution! come hang out with my family and friends! we are eating a lot and promise to lather you with love and joy. 🙂 soooo lemme know!!.”   We had food galore with a turducken being the highlight – thanks Moz & Far.  We had all guest bring a wrapped gift of $10 and did a white elephant to add to the fun. We had several snuggies, gifts cards and other fun items.  I believe fun was had by all.

What goes up must come down 🙁  I will miss the warmth of our Christmas tree which holds many stories of places we have’ve travled to, activities and/or interest we have or had; all reflected through our ornaments on the tree.  We add an ornament or two yearly for each daughter so they will one day have a box filled with meaningful ornaments once they start their own family but for now our tree reflects all.

Our house is quite as Caryn and Courtney left for a mission trip on Sunday.  My in laws drove home yesterday and now it be us three.

Trust your Christmas was also full of sweet memories and you were surrounded by those you love.

Christmas 2010 Greetings from The Werner Family

Trusting this finds your family well.  As I reflect on another year, I realize that we are indeed blessed; thus thankfulness fills my heart for our family, friends, faith, health, and Jon’s job.  However, it is to Him, the giver of all, and the reason for the season, that I truly give thanks.

CHARISMATIC Caryn has used her extroverted personality to make many friends wherever she goes.  She is about a year away from obtaining a degree in photojournalism with a minor in international development for non-profits.  Her freelance photography business continues to provide income for her passion of travel and recognition among her peers and teachers. Check out her blog to see her artistic talents at

CREATIVE Courtney so wonderfully shares her heart and life through her blog at [confessions of an x-introvert]. Courtney joined the traveling team for and has had the opportunity to see the country and be part of a ministry encouraging and showing Jesus’ love to other students. Her creativity is reflected in her art, music, and attire J. She is scheduled to finish college in May with a degree in psychology.

PASSIONATE CarynCourtney, as we fondly refer to them, are involved in their house church and Student CPX . They still live and experience so much of life together. During their Christmas break they and a team are headed to share the love of Jesus plus conduct training for about 40 students in Southeast Asia. They will be traveling from Dec. 27 to Jan. 17.  If you think of them I know they would appreciate your prayers.  If you are interested in knowing more about their adventures I’m sure you can inquire on their blogs.

ADAPATABLE Cayley is full of life and a joy to have around as she brings laughter to most situations so we capitalized on this fact and enrolled her in acting classes. She is in 4th grade at a university-modeled school (classes on Monday/Wednesday) and I home school her on the other days.  Her adaptability is appreciated at home, school, traveling, and with the punches life can sometimes throw.  Being the youngest has its advantages but can also mature one quicker than their peers.

FAITHFUL Cherie’s greatest highlight was celebrating 25 years of marriage to my beloved on June 1st. From June to August we managed to escape the Texas heat by traveling for Jon’s work and taking a much-appreciated vacation to Germany and Norway. Currently I am really enjoying BSF as we are studying the book of Isaiah. I continue to serve in various ways at our church and really enjoy encouraging couples about to get married as well as younger moms.  Wish I could say I was more faithful at keeping up with our family blog thankful there’s always next year J as this is a more efficient way to share not to mention saving the trees.  You can also find us on Facebook and email.

INNOVATIVE Jon has been blessed with a job he greatly enjoys allowing him to use the creativity and knowledge God has given him.  The biggest draw back has been the travel as he reports into the Portland office but thankfully he works with some great folks. Also Portland seems to be our escape from the Texas heat in 2011 as we plan to spend June to October in Portland.  Having the Saints play and WIN the Superbowl plus scoring two tickets for he and his dad was indeed a highlight for him this year.

To Him be the glory,

Our Love and best wishes

Jon, Cherie, Caryn, Courtney & Cayley