Family & BiM Update

BiM & Werner UPDATE (personal distribution to family, friends, church family; those who ask about the company.) 
They say no news is good news as is the case with BiM and the Werner family.  Last time I wrote an update was April 13th.  We have patiently waited and finally with guarded excitement share that BiM received a letter of intent (LOI) on 8/20/08 from a global fitness brand to acquire the assets and provide jobs for all the employees. This transaction is scheduled to close before Thanksgiving although we sure would like it to be sooner 🙂  This summer has been busy as BiM launched a trial with a wireless carrier in Italy. Here is a clip from a promo piece  Also they will soon be launching a content partnership with The Weather Channel. 
Part of the delay in sharing this update was due to an unplanned but enjoyable family reunion on August 29-31 to visit my family.  Unfortunately my dad was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer, called signet cell carcinoma. He will be going to MD Anderson on Sept. 11-16 to meet with specialists and gain a second opinion.  We would greatly appreciate your prayers for my dad James, and my mom Jean, as they make important decisions about the best treatment for him and healing. Since they will be in Houston next weekend we plan to see them if he is feeling well.  After this past week they might need some down time. They were left without electricity Monday until Friday due to the pounding rain and 90 mph winds of Gustavo.  Jon’s parents had to evacuate to Jackson, MS and thankfully returned Friday to electricity,  minor exterior damage, but no flooding.  Now Ike also appears to be headed their way not giving them much time to clean up and recover from Gustavo. 
As many of you know we moved the 1st of August from a rental house to an apartment placing almost all of our belongs into 3 SAMS storage units for what we thought would be 2 months.  It looks like we will be here until December as we wait for this deal to close and build a home in the Mueller area  We are super excited about this location as well as watching the house go up.  Cayley told me I had to call it a house as it is not a home until we move into it 🙂 
We plan to keep those interested updated via our family blog so check it out. 


In regards to BiM please continue to pray for:
  • – Wisdom and discernment during the negotiations for both Jon and Andy
  • – For patience during the process as this is a big company that isn’t as nimble as BiM 😉
  • – For how the proceeds of the sale should be allocated to glorify God (knowing it all belongs to Him)
  • – That God would use this transaction to open up the hearts of BiM employees on the west coast 
  • – That all the glory for this acquisition would go to God
Our Deep Appreciation,
Cherie & Family