Our Ornament Collections

come e dove acquistare cialis What makes a Christmas tree extra special? Ornaments! Yearly we’ve purchased 1-2 meaningful ornaments for the girls and ourselves. This year in their stocking they will get the following ornaments. Cayley will get a guitar as she takes lessons and enjoys it. Courtney turned 21 in January, so she is of legal age to drink hence the martini glass. Caryn is a photographer and I couldn’t pass up this cute camera that Cayley found. Jon will personalize and date each ornament with a Sharpie marker.

acquistare viagra generico pagamento online a Genova When Christmas decorations come out of the attic and it’s time to decorate the tree we each have our own personalized box of ornaments to place on the tree. Ornaments reflect our hobbies such as running, biking, photography, art, piano, etc. There are ornaments that remind us of important milestones from our marriage, the birth of our daughters, new house, career change, our 25th anniversary, daughters turning 21, giving up a pacifier, high school and college graduations, etc. Then there are the ornaments that show the places we have traveled to all over the globe. I also have ornaments that reflect what we have studied in school. There is a mummy for Egyptian history, Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, and # 1 Teacher for me 🙂 There are plenty of heart and nativity ornaments to remind us the reason for the season and His immense love for us. We also have some pretty humorous ornaments we’ve received at ornament exchange parties like a cow, pink flamingo, and a flying pig. Lastly, we have the various homemade ornaments that the girls have made over the years.

levitra 20 mg effetto 36 ore Ornaments need not be expensive just meaningful. As I mentioned when a child gives up his pacifier put their name and the date on it as it makes a cute ornament.  When Cayley had to turn her braces  I kept the turnkey that hangs on the tree. Sadly, I didn’t think about this until the third child.

follow url Decorating our tree becomes a sweet time of reminiscing. Soon when the girls are married and having their own Christmas I will give them their box of ornaments as I am sure they will enjoy sharing the meaning behind each ornament with their spouse and children one day.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=viagra-generico-50-mg-pagamento-online-a-Genova I am thankful for the wonderful memories are family has and the story created through our ornaments. Do your ornaments tell a story?


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Thankfulness – Day 23 – O Christmas Tree

source link Today we put away the Fall and Thanksgiving decorations and brought Christmas down from the attic while Christmas music played in the background.  I truly enjoy decorating our home for Christmas because we have accumulated many sentimental decorations over the past 27 years. We have a Nutcracker collection that Jon’s Aunt Carolyn started for him when we first got married thus we have over 25 Nutcrackers. Our Christmas tree is full of ornaments that tell our story; places we have traveled, hobbies we’ve had, and milestones (25th anniversary, girls graduation, etc).  Jon’s is part Norwegian so over the years we’ve been given many Norwegian Christmas nic nacs by Jon’s parents and beautiful table linens passed down from his grandmother. I will share more details and post photos in the days to come as all of these decorations plus memories make Christmas special  However I wanted to start with the hunt and gather of our tree.

We usually put up an artificial tree with built in lights but decided to buy a live tree this year which meant we had to buy a tree stand, lights, and misc. stuff.  We found everything we needed at Zinger’s Hardware Store (we try to shop local businesses).  Tina and Mike Friend own Zinger’s and are friends.  Tina’s parents are friends with my in laws from New Orleans because of the Norwegian connection so it was a treat to see them at the store.  We actually visited Tina’s parents in Norway in 2010 and they have a beautiful summer home over looking the water.

Having the smell of a real tree in the house is nice however the time will tell if I enjoy the mess of needles falling upon the floor as I tend to be a neat freak.

I am thankful to have our tree up and decorated.  Sitting in the living room is cozy and peaceful.  Hope your Christmas holidays are off to a good start.

Zinger’s is a favorite place to shop.

Tree purchased and ready to take home. Thankfully we had the help of Harald and Shirley.

Nice family photo 😉

Tina and her lovely parents

The naked tree has a home.

Harald and Shirley helping Jon put on the lights. Jon is hidden behind the tree and Cayley is sliding down the banister. It took three trips to finally get enough lights and the right lights.

Side view of our decorated tree.

Another view of the decorated tree.