Remember When ….?

life_brings_tears,-87714 I thank my God for every fond memory of you– Philippians 1: 3

 One of my most valuable family possessions consists of the various memories we’ve created and share together as the Werner family. When we are together, I enjoy hearing the phrase “remember when …” as memories are about remembering when. We all desire for our children to grow up having wonderful memories to look back on and as mom’s we get to be the conductor of making beautiful memories.

To glean a few ideas on creating memories join me at Mom Heart

Hey Moms, did you know we have an wonderful opportunity to be the memory makers for our family? What are some the memories your children will recall?

The Werner girls would say, “our family meal times and “high point/low point” game,” are some of their fondest memories along with family vacations and holiday traditions.



Continue to SOAK in the 2013 Mom Heart Conference

2013 Mom Heart

The conference is over.  Now comes the real life!  How can you maintain the conference high without letting the mundane of life rob you of wisdom and insight you desire to apply to your life?

For the past 15 years I have fondly referred to MomHeart conferences as my yearly vitamin B12 shot, the wind in my sail that keeps me on course, and recalibrating my GPS (God Parenting Skills).

Sally’s wisdom answers many of the fears and questions I have about my children and my mothering.  Her encouragement is not a formula, but a refocused vision of motherhood with an eternal perspective.  Thus I always leave the conference inspired…not to do more but to be more however I have learned there are a few things I must do between conferences to grow and keep the conference high.

While in California, God gave me a new word picture of a big sponge.  Moms are like a sponge soaking in God’s messages to write on their children’s heart.  Friday and Saturday are packed with inspiring messages. When all is said and done, like a sponge, which can absorb only so much, we return home ready to apply what we learn.

Sponges will also dry out so I encourage you to SOAK.

S become a SUPPORTER   A supporter is one who promotes or is an advocate for a cause.  WHM/MomHeart is a non profit ministry that depends upon faithful friends.  Financial generosity enables them to encourage and equip Christian parents worldwide.  Pray for the Clarkson family and ministry needs. Subscribe to WHM newsletter for updates. As you encounter weary moms share ministry resources (books, online blog community, conferences, etc.)  Plan to attend next years conference with a group of friends.  For years the weekend after Valentines Day has been strategically set aside on our family calendar for me to attend Mom Heart. Who doesn’t enjoy having something to look forward to? Also be part of the movement by promoting the ministry via Facebook, Twitter, and on your personal blog.

O Be sure to visit the ONLINE community where you will find a wealth of accumulated insight at Sally’s personal blog I Take Joy and Mom Heart  Mom Heart is comprised of various moms, many who have been trained and equipped through the WHM Intensive and/or have life experiences to share. Mom Heart was created to inspire and engage your heart with great content that calls you to a high vision for your life as a mother, to create an online community of moms where you can network and interact with others who share your heart, to train you how to easily start and lead your own Mom Heart Group. You will find quality and original materials and resources that will fill your heart and mind with life-changing wisdom and truth.

A  Seek ACCOUNTABILITY.  If you don’t already have an accountability partner or mentor find one.  If you are not mentoring someone begin to do so because as you share with others you’ll find yourself growing exponentially in that area. An accountability partner will keep you on track and moving forward in all aspects of your life. The Bible teaches us to encourage, exhort, pray for and correct one another in love, and in Christ. Accountability partners/mentors can help you stay focused, encourage you when we need strength, and help get you right back on track when we start to stray. I have recently written about the value of mentors.

K   Grow in the given KNOWLEDGE. As you go back through your notes and reflect on what God impressed to you I encourage to write down areas of importance then share with them with your accountability partner, mentor, and/or husband.   Together choose a few areas that you will purpose to grow and being working on them. There is a wealth of information to be found but you must search for it via books, conferences, online, etc… Dennis Waitley  said the following, “The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don’t define them, learn about them, or even seriously consider them as believable or achievable.“ 

It’s with gratitude that I reflect back on the 2013 conference season realizing the sweet friendships God has blessed me with through WHM. I have gone back through my notes and highlighted a few areas of personal growth plus I will be hosting a gathering for Austin area Mom Heart attendees the end of March.

How do you plan to SOAK?  Please let me know.

conference friends




Irvine, CA MomHeart Conference, What I learned

I have no idea how the Clarkson’s do 3-4 conferences each year and to think they have been doing these conferences for over 15 years.  Wow! I have a greater appreciation for this life giving ministry especially as I have begun to serve alongside them.

Seriously I am still recovering from the Irvine, CA MomHeart Conference.  It’s a lot of work pulling off a conference for 600+ women.  There will always be hiccups; registrations not found, temperature to hot/cold, issues with sounds, etc…  I learned to have grace knowing that so much thought and pray goes into each event.

California was an incredibly fun event.  There were over 600 registered and thankfully I can say registration went smoothly other than my brain not being able to do simple math because of exhaustion.  I learned to laugh at myself as I’m not perfect.

I love the energy of women who come to these conference to be filled and I smile each time I think back to some of the sweet encounters I had praying and encouraging discouraged moms.  I learned that we all want to be known, a simple smile, hug, or sitting to pray with someone makes a huge difference.

I was blessed to work with such a great group of gals who pour so selflessly into this ministry.  I learned that doing fun things with those you work with makes for deeper and more meaningful relationships.

I posted more photos I took on Facebook

I’m looking forward to the upcoming Irving, TX conference next weekend.  Hopefully by then I will be fully rested 😉 and ready to learn more.


A few of the many wonderful volunteers who make these conferences possible.

A few of the many wonderful volunteers who make these conferences possible.