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Raise Your Glass to Cleaner Wine


I am excited to share I’ve become a wine consultant for a clean-crafted wine sourced by Scout & Cellar that can be delivered straight to your home!

Scout & Cellar wines are grown naturally with NO added chemicals or preservatives, ZERO grams of added sugars, LOW sulfites, and without the use of any synthetic pesticides. Every label added to the menu is lab-tested for compliance. Scout & Cellar wines are sourced from all around the world and their offerings change monthly.  My friend who introduced me to Scout & Cellar no longer experiences headaches after drinking red wine 🍷 and personally, I love knowing that the wine I’m drinking is clean.

Now that I have your interest you might be asking how do I get some? Call, visit my Scott & Cellar page, or email me so I can guide you in choosing the perfect wine. As your wine consultant, I am happy to help navigate you and those you care about.

For those of you who live in Austin, would you consider hosting a wine tasting party? I bring the wine for all to try 😉 while you get to earn some super-cool host perks. If you merely want to order a few bottles, you receive a 5% discount when purchasing six bottles and 10% by purchasing 12+ bottles.  Shipping is free for purchases over $99.  Bottles are reasonably priced between $19 – $45 and your satisfaction is guaranteed.  It’s truly a win-win.

The story of how this company began is compelling.  The founder, an attorney-turned-sommelier, dedicated her life to taking the headaches out of great wine. The company is only a year old and it’s exploding 😉 as more and more people realize the benefits of clean eating and drinking.

If you know of others who would appreciate clean wine please let me know and remember to share the love.

Stay healthy… Eat AND drink clean,

Cherie Werner


Unplug for Summer Fun, Idea #1

Happy June!!! As school draws to an end for the 2017-2018 year, summer awaits 😉  How will your children spend their summer? Many parents are anxious about the upcoming 90 days knowing it can be hard navigating the all to familiar phrase, “I’m bored.”  Over at Unplugged Families we are contending for more family connection in this digital world, but how?

First and for most, be proactive.  Our kids are so accustomed to turning to their devices when they are bored but we mama’s can set the tone by putting together a plan for your summer.  You only have June, July, and August to create fun family memories.

Begin your summer planning with events that have certain dates. Put any vacations, house guests, day trips, holidays, camps, summer visitors, etc. that you already know of on a calendar. Here is a link to summer planning calendars.  Also add any important work-related dates, i.e. deadlines, meetings, business travel, etc. Now you have a rough idea how many days or weeks for which you’ll need to make a summer plan.

Gather everyone together for the sole purpose of each family member compiling a bucket list of things they would like to do and then share with one another.  Decide together a few things collectively you’d like to accomplish this summer that are both fun and productive.   These ideas can be placed in a box or jar where they can be pulled from randomly when looking for something to do.

Below are the suggestions my seventeen-year-old daughter came up with for the summer of 2018:  

  • Finish the requirements to get my driver’s license so I can drive independently
  • Hang out with my friends
  • Work, as I need money
  • Visit Magnolia in Waco, TX
  • Take voice lessons
  • Chill with my sisters
  • Enjoy summer vacation with my parents
  • Attend my church youth group summer camp, July 22-27
  • Look at some possible colleges and conservatories to apply at
  • Be spontaneous

Yes I have a teenager but I promise to share fun ideas for those of you with children of various ages.  


Looking for a cool way to spend your hot summer? Many local theatres have family fun movies during the summer.  Need help deciding if a movie is appropriate for your child? Check out Common Sense Media, Plugged In, or Kids-In-Mind as they break down how much violence, nudity, language, etc. in most popular movies.

Going to the movie with your little ones can be a fun way to connect as you laugh together and enjoy a respite from the hot summer days.  

Summer Movie Express by Regal

Admission is only $1 with a 10 am showtime on Tuesday and Wednesday. Click the links for movie previews.

Los viagras drug cartel - Buy viagra usa pharmacy

The Iron Giant

Curious George

Week 2 – Tue. Jun 12 to Wed. Jun 13

Despicable Me

Ice Age: Collision Course

Week 3 – Tue. Jun 19 to Wed. Jun 20


Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Week 4 – Tue. Jun 26 to Wed. Jun 27

Despicable Me 2

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Week 5 – Tue. Jul 3 to Wed. Jul 4

The Lego Movie

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Week 6 – Tue. Jul 10 to Wed. Jul 11


The Peanuts Movie

Week 7 – Tue. Jul 17 to Wed. Jul 18

The LEGO Ninjago Movie


Week 8 – Tue. Jul 24 to Wed. Jul 25

The Secret Life of Pets

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

Week 9 – Tue. Jul 31 to Wed. Aug 1

The Lego Batman Movie


AMC 2018 Summer Movie Classic

For ONLY $4 you get the movie ticket and a KidsPack with snacks and a drink!!!  Showtime is 10 am


The Boss BabyPaddington 2 The Lego Batman MovieFerdinand      Trolls Despicable Me 3  Captain Underpants: The First Epic MovieNut Job 2: Nutty By Nature


Week 1 – Wed. Jun 6

Baby Boss

Week 2 – Wed. Jun 13

Paddington 2

Week 3 – Wed. Jun 20

The Lego Batman Movie

Week 4 – Wed. Jun 27


Week 5 – Wed. Jul 11


Week 6 – Wed. Jul 18

Despicable Me 3

Week 7 – Wed. Jul 25

Captian Underpants

Week 8 – Wed. Aug 1

Nut Job 2

Having something to look forward to is a great way to incent kids.  So pencil in on your calendar the movies your crew wants to see this summer.   We’d love to hear what movies you plan to see and why?