ANGER is only one letter short of DANGER

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see I remember that day clearly, I was desperate and at my wits end.  Lies flooded my mind. “You’re a terrible wife and mother, you’re not important, you are not wanted, etc” I sensed no purpose or reason for my life.  The anger I felt overwhelmed me and I was about to explode. I called my husband bawling. Through buckets of tears, I told him that he needed to come home because I was not capable of caring for our daughters who were two and nine months. That moment, more than twenty years ago, opened the doors for me to get the help I needed in order to become a more whole person.

follow site Join me over at ITakeJoy to discover some key principles if you or a love one struggles with anger.

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4 thoughts on “ANGER is only one letter short of DANGER

  1. cheriewerner says: Amanda I am sorry I am just seeing this ;-(

    follow link I am thrilled that my story encouraged you but sad you have had such a hard time. Are you from Austin? I host a monthly moms group at my house and tomorrow evening we meet. If you are interested email me at or call 512-970-0412 as I don’t get notification on WP comments.

    watch To answer your questions. YES, YES, and YES. We are over comers in Christ. Identifying the root cause of your anger helps tremendously. I am glad you are seeking professional help as it can speed up the process. The renewing of the mind and dwelling on things that are good, true, pure, lovely, etc… helps tremendously. Indeed I am no longer that angry person and my husband, sister, mother all see the difference. My daughters thankfully were so young when I dealt with my anger issues so they were not affected to much.

    watch I am happy to talk to you in more depth about my journey. Blessings and many thanks for taking time to write me.

  2. farmacia online viagra generico 100 mg a Napoli Cherie – I read your article on anger because I am a regular reader of Sally Clarkson is my hero because she points me to Jesus. Constantly. Your story rocked me. Because it is my own. In many ways. I was diagnosed with PTSD 6 months ago. Same story – overwhelmed with life and two toddlers. I basically had a nervous breakdown. I am getting professional help. But the anger component is deep, so deep and so hard to understand. Do you actually feel you are no longer an angry person? Does your family see the change? Sorry this is long. I am thrilled to see you are also in Austin. 🙂

  3. cheriewerner says:

    Heather I am so thrilled that my story was able to inspire you and your husband to take necessary steps to get necessary help. Today I posted Marriage Resources – Ministries, Blogs, Books, & More. I’m sure that in Dallas there are several options. Begin asking pastoral staff, others who have gone for help, etc… Blessings.

  4. Heather says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this story. I am in Dallas and we have a clinic here. Our family has really been struggling with a family issue and I know it goes DEEPER than what has happened. I told my husband about your story and he was willing to make an appointment for help. I pray this is a step in his healing process of dealing with anger and his past.

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