FREE eBooks by Beth Moore

I truly enjoy a bargain, who doesn’t? Check out these awesome Freebies!

If you’re a fan of Beth Moore, here are 4 highly rated and FREE Kindle ebooks you can download on Amazon (valued at up to $22.99!) Rumor has it these are available till Tuesday. [Thanks eChristianResources for the heads up.  They are a good source for FREE, quality, electronic Christian Resources from an Evangelical worldview.]

Available through January 10, 2014 – 16 FREE eBooks from Beth Moore there are 14 in English, and 2 are in Spanish. If you have any Spanish-speaking friends, please share the links to these resources!

*To Live is Christ (regularly $19.99!)
*When Godly People do Ungodly Things (regularly $19.99!)
*Believing God (regularly $22.99!)
*The Beloved Disciple (regularly $19.99!)

Act quickly and download the following Beth Moore eBooks for FREE!

Download a Free Copy of A Heart Like His on iBooks.
*Also available for KindleNOOK and ePub

Believing God-Beth Moore-Kindle

Download a Free Copy of Believing God on iBooks.
*Also available for KindleNOOK and ePub

Download a Free Copy of Believing God: Day By Day on iBooks.
*Also available for Kindle and ePub

Download a Free Copy of Breaking Free on iBooks.
*Also available for NOOK and ePub

Download a Free Copy of Breaking Free: Day By Day on iBooks.
*Also available for ePub

Download a Free Copy of Feathers From My Nest on iBooks.
*Also available for ePub

Download a Free Copy of Further Still on iBooks.
*Also available for ePub

Download a Free Copy of Jesus, the One and Only on iBooks.
*Also available for KindleNOOK and ePub

Download a Free Copy of Praying God’s Word on iBooks.
*Also available for KindleNOOK and ePub

Download a Free Copy of Praying God’s Word Day by Day on iBooks.
*Also available for ePub

Download a Free Copy of The Beloved Disciple on iBooks.
*Also available for KindleNOOK and ePub

Download a Free Copy of Things Pondered on iBooks.
*Also available for ePub

Download a Free Copy of To Live is Christ on iBooks.
*Also available for KindleNOOK and ePub

Download a Free Copy of Creerle a Dios on Kindle.

Download a Free Copy of Jesus, Solo Jesus on Kindle.



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