A Christmas Journal Helping to Create Christmas Memories

Our 1998 Christmas update in photos. We were living in California at the time.

Christmas wouldn’t be the same if we couldn’t get in touch with all the friends and family who mean so very much.  Anonymous

Staying in touch with family and friends really does mean so much thus one of our favorite traditions during Christmas is writing and sending out a family newsletter along with an updated photo. We began doing this shortly after having our first child.  Much has changed since we started this tradition thanks to the affordability of home computers, printers, and personal blogs.  Our first Christmas letter was handwritten (see below photo).  Last year I was able to post our update on my blog but I still had to mail it.  Our purpose in sending out a yearly update is to share with family and friends God’s faithfulness to our family. Jon always adds a humorous touch as well. When the girls began their updates it added a different dynamic.  Having moved thirteen times in our 27 years of marriage has given us the opportunity to accumulate friends near and far whom we try to keep up with. Updates are a little more personal than signing a card or sending an email.

I don’t know about you but there is a special kind of happiness I experience when I walk to the mailbox and find a personal letter. Just the other day my eldest daughter sent me a handwritten note saying she was counting down the days till she was home.  Her note lifted my spirits and made my day.  

The thoughtful note Caryn sent me. Notice it’s nothing fancy or expensive. However, it’s the thought that counts and she took time to comunicate with me.

I relish receiving updates from friends and family. Pictures included often decorate our refrigerator.  Sadly, because of social media, busyness, and the expense, many people no longer send cards, updates or photos.  It doesn’t seem like Christmas when we are unable to get around to taking a family photo and chronicling our year.  I know we will be lucky to get ours out by New Years this year because we want to include a family photo and the girls get home next week.  Regardless of when it goes out we will have communicated with family and friends that they are thought of and we will add to our journal.

An unexpected memory that has come out of our diligence in sending out a yearly family update and photo is being able to go back and review the previous years. One day I look forward to sharing our journal with son in laws and grandchildren who desire to hear what their moms did for Christmases past.  I found a Christmas journal where I currently keep all of our updates and photos.  Sadly, this is the last year for the book therefore I will look for a cute scrapbook of sorts to continue our tradition.

If you are interested in creating a yearly Christmas journal  I’d suggest using a binder or scrapbook so you can add to it and place your photos and letters in sheet protectors. This will allow little hands to easily flip through the pages and it will stay in order.  It’s fun to go back and reminisce over years gone by and be reminded just how blessed we have been.


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