Living a Life Worthy of the Lord It’s amazing how God’s word speaks to our hearts. This week in BSF we are studying the call of Abram and even though I have studied this passage many times before I was inspired and impressed by it in a new way in regards to reflecting on my daughters, Courtney and Caryn. This week God gave me more peace and understanding in regards to where the girls have traveled and where they currently are living. Both have responded to the call of God in faith. They have been doing exactly what we brought them up to do, “to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, and mind.”

finasteride drug profile test Their “call” was not easy; I watched them let go of all but the necessities that would fit into their cars. They left the familiarities of Austin leaving behind friends and family. I miss them dropping by to say “hi”, caring for them when they are sick and all the other motherly duties I once had. Leaving home wasn’t easy for them but they were being obedient to what God had put in their hearts. “However, whenever God gives a command, He gives, (and expects us to receive) an inward special strengthening grace. He gives us the desire, the will, and the power to renounce in obedience, as well as to receive His promises in obedience (Philippians 2:13) BSF notes. Like Abram’s family at first, it seems foolish that “my” girls would desire to leave the comforts of home (Austin, friends, and us) and neither knew exactly what they would be doing. This freaked me out just a little as I like to have all my ducks in a row. Where would they live, what would they do, etc. Initially God had not given me the vision that they each received allowing them to respond in obedience. They have faith that when God calls, He will provide. They were not focused on what they were leaving as stepping in faith and depending on His promises is much more rewarding. I think my daughter’s would agree with this BSF quote.

go “ For those who fully respond to Him, God has joy, love, and fulfillment that far exceed our expectations when we first follow where He leads in complete obedience, at any cost.”

follow link What a joy it is to see them live a life of obedience.

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  1. Sue McAlinden says:

    follow link I have also been enjoying the study of Genesis at BSF, Cherie, and you’re right about Caryn and Courtney! They truly are examples of Abram – leaving what he knew and following God’s calling. You have raised AMAZING daughters! You can take comfort that they are in the BEST place to be – the center of God’s will.

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