Thankfulness – Day 19 I’m Thankful for Bible Study Fellowship (BSF)


quanto costa viagra generico 200 mg online a Milano More than 50 years ago former China missionary Audrey Wetherell Johnson began teaching women in her home which has grown to many classes meeting throughout the world.  There are BSF classes in over 38 countries.  BSF  is a nine yearlong study.  Even though I have participated for ten years on and off since 1996 I still haven’t graduated as there are a few studies I haven’t taken.

  • Genesis
  • Matthew
  • The Life of Moses
  • Revelation
  • Romans
  • History of Israel and the Minor Prophets
  • John
  • Isaiah
  • Acts of the Apostles
This school year BSF is going though Genesis which is one of my favorite studies.  I really wanted Cayley to study the book of Genesis making it my third time to go through the study.  I feel Genesis is a  foundational study pointing to mans need for a redeemer. Jon attends the men’s class so we are all going through the same study making it easy to talk about what we are learning.  If you desire to do an in depth, systematic study of God’s word let me recommend BSF which offers introduction classes monthly.


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