As I ponder where to begin this post, my eldest daughter, Caryn (23), stopped by unexpectedly to say hi. It’s 10:30AM and we’re both yawning. Enthusiastically she decides we need to go grab coffee as she was up late packing for her upcoming move. Ugh! I’m trying to start this blog and her sister (11) is doing school. What’s a fun intentional mom suppose to do? “I don’t have time,” is the thought going through my mind. However, she lovingly drops this bomb, “Mom, just one more week before I leave.” (She’s moving to Detroit) Wisely I choose time with her to celebrate her last week home before she embarks on life’s newest adventures. Creating memories, especially with older children, often occurs in the midst of activities done spontaneously together.

Children, regardless of age, spell love T-I-M-E.

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