Lord Help Us to Trust Even When Discouraged

For several years, BiM has been creating, developing and launching their mobile phone application.  They have had many interested parties to back the company financially, both personal family & friends and business folks. They have been awarded patents that were denied several times.  BiM has won numerous awards and has received much publicity generate by others.  They have been blessed with incredible partnerships and continue to exists despite their many shortcomings at the awe of other professionals.  They have had a companies inquire about acquisition.  When it seems as if the door is shutting another door opens.  This long journey is wearing on our personal and family lives as we are becoming discouraged.  Lord you say trust but when we find ourselves traveling this long and seemingly endless road it is hard to trust.  Sometimes trust is difficult to understand– especially when it means taking a completely different route than what we were expecting. Therefore help us to choose to trust despite our feelings.  Encourage us daily through the word. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your path straight.” Proverbs 3: 5-6 (NIV)

I am choosing to trust God and stand on His promises even when my feelings beg me to feel anxious.
I REMEMBERI have walked with the Lord long enough experiencing enough disappointments to know His path is the best path. When we ask Him to open a certain door that we think looks so good and He says no, it is for our good. Therefore if I choose to remember His past deeds of goodness as I can trust Him with the future.

His “no” is often for our PROTECTION… protecting us from something we can’t see. Maybe the sale of BiM to _____ was the very thing God used to protect them.   As we look back on the deals that did not occur we can see many of the why’s behind the no (not yet) and trust that is His protection as well.  Especially having a glimpse into these companies as some were sold off, ceased to exist, or lacked integrity.

His “no” could be for our PROVISION… providing something so much better than what we thought was the best thing.  In our minds the best thing would have been for Brunswick to buy BiM,  for the venture capitalist to fund the company, or for the WC to purchase BiM  this past December.  Who knows? Only God…so whether this time it’s ____, _____, or ____ or not, we are certain of His provision of His best for us.

His “no” could simply be part of the PROCESS of growing us closer to Himself… when we are weak, only then can we truly understand how He can be our strength. Whether that is strength to preserver, or strength to let this dream die, I pray we all will embrace this part of the process of growing closer to God.

Dear Lord I am so sorry for being discouraged at times but I never want to get stuck here. I don’t want to appear faithless to those around me. Please, help me to live victoriously through the power of Your Holy Spirit. Please, show me the way, and bring the word of Your unfailing love to me, that I may be comforted and that I may be a living testimony for You. May I trust you Lord; Trust your plan; Trust your timing; Trust your goodness. May I trust you with it all.  Amen.

2 thoughts on “Lord Help Us to Trust Even When Discouraged

  1. erin says:

    While enduring yet another sleepless night, I stumbled upon this site. I typed in “help for the discouraged” and found what I needed. I thank the Lord for the message that He has written through you. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. Wow. I’m touched on a few levels. I don’t know if I just experienced a 30 minute sermon condensed into 2 or if your words impacted me, but there’s SOOOO much truth you just nailed on. I’ve always been impressed with the obedience of your family, and it’s amazing to see your commitment to the faith even when there may not be a successful guarantee in response. Insight of the future, I could say this in two ways regarding two alternative routes He could be sending you all: 1.) Endure through this time because God is doing so much that we cannot see or imagine, or 2.) Don’t forget me when y’all are filthy rich 😛
    I love you guys, and I cannot wait to see y’all soon!

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